Advancing Clinical Nutrition

Through patient-centric innovations delivered with quality, precision and safety.

For more than 70 years, Baxter has been a leader in Parenteral Nutrition (PN) therapy with solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of patients in various disease-related settings. Our next-generation PN formulations are developed to help you address today’s challenges in disease-related malnutrition and meet the unique nutritional needs of your patients. At Baxter, we strive not only to improve the quality of life for patients, but we also advocate for easier and earlier diagnosis of malnutrition followed by timely and appropriate provision of PN therapy.

Clinical Nutrition facts & figures

~1 in 4

hospitalized patients are at risk of malnutrition1-4


increased hospital costs due to the considerable economic burden associated with disease-related malnutrition5


increased likelihood of mortality in malnourished hospital patients6,7

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We are committed to fighting malnutrition

Advancing awareness of the effects of malnutrition on patients and healthcare systems, Baxter supports patient and parent organizations around the world including the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI) and Oley Foundation. Baxter also supports the advancement of the knowledge of Clinical Nutrition through grants to the ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation and International Parenteral Nutrition Early Career Professional Development program, and an unrestricted grant to the ESPEN Research Fellowship Program. Baxter is a corporate member of the MNI industry association and a contributor to the multi-stakeholder coalition All.Can International.

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We address malnutrition with clinical nutrition solutions delivered with quality, precision, and safety

Baxter understands that recovery can be challenging for patients and that the right nutrition regimen can help improve outcomes. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and accessible products and services designed for patients across the continuum of care, ranging from preterm newborns to oncology patients and the chronically ill, and across healthcare settings including in the hospital, the ICU, clinics and in homes.

Our product portfolio includes nutritionally balanced ready-to-use multi-chamber bags, vitamins, trace elements, and PN solutions including amino acids and lipid emulsions. We also provide pharmacy workflow management, labelling and compounding technology to support unique patient requirements. 

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We are committed to sustainability

For more than 85 years, Baxter has been making a meaningful difference for patients and creating lasting social, environmental, and economic value in the communities we serve. Our commitment to sustainable innovation is reflected in our portfolio of life-saving and sustaining products, our emphasis on environmental stewardship, and our uncompromising dedication to responsible business practices.

We do our best to support the patients, clinicians and communities that depend on us, which is why our dedication to corporate responsibility has defined and guided Baxter for decades. Baxter Clinical Nutrition innovated parenteral nutrition by launching our first multi-chamber bag (MCB) in 1994 with the intention of reducing preparation time, reducing the risk of medication errors, and conserving natural resources such as energy, water, and waste.8-10 By 2020, we had reduced absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 13.6% compared with 2015,12 and we continue this path of pioneering clinical nutrition now and in the future.

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Use of MCBs may allow for patients to go home sooner, save time and conserve natural resources

3.2 fever sick days, 37.7 fewer preparation minutes per bag, 85 kWh energy saved
3.2 fewer days8* (P < .001) - Pontes-Arruda, et al. Clin Nutr 2012   37.7 fewer preparation minutes per bag9* (P < .001) - Berlana, et al. JPEN 2019   85 kWh energy saved8,10,11* - Penny T, et al. NHS 2015   *Compared to compounded parenteral nutrition

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